Active Members

Joining the 38th Legislative District Democrats as an Active Member is an investment in your voice and our community.

For only $60 a year (Jan 1 – Dec 31), you can make a difference and have the opportunity to vote at our general meetings. Alongside our PCOs, our Active Members have the greatest influence at the local level, so don’t miss this chance to have your say. Check out our bylaws for a full description of the rights and limits of Active Members. Become an Active Member today and join us in making a positive impact!

Being an Active Member means you hold the power to vote for:

Endorsements & Resolutions,

Procedural motions at our general meetings,

Hold elected or appointed office in the 38th LDD,

Serving on our committees and subcommittees.

Your voice matters and has the ability to shape our future. Let’s make a difference together!

Associate Member or Youth Member

If you’re an adult who can’t normally join the 38th LDD, there’s a way in!

Associate membership is available for those who live within the district but can’t register to vote, or for those outside the district who want to be affiliated.

Are you under 18 and living in the 38th Legislative District? Great news, you’re eligible for our Youth Membership! Join us now and become a part of our amazing community.

We absolutely love having Associate and Youth Members at our 38th LDD meetings and all our party events! We’d be thrilled if you came and got involved!

While we do encourage paying dues, it’s completely okay if you can’t or aren’t able to.

Don’t worry, we’re just happy to have you with us.

Once approved for membership by the 38th LDD body, an Associate or Youth Member is entitled to introduce resolutions, participate in debates and discussions, and serve as a non-voting member of 38th LDD committees and subcommittees.

Your voice matters and we value your input. Keep up the great work!

Please note that while you may not make or second motions, vote, hold any elected or appointed office of the 38th LDD, or serve as a voting member on any 38th LDD committee or subcommittee, your contributions and opions are still important and appreciated.

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Thank you for considering donating to support our efforts to empower our communities and elect Democrats. Your contributions help us bring you more opportunities to get involved in local events and make a positive difference.

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