Active Members

For annual dues of $60 (Jan 1 – Dec 31), you can become a voting Active Member of the 38th Legislative District Democrats.  Once you’ve applied for membership, paid dues (if able), and are approved – you’ll be able to vote at our general meetings. 

For a complete description of Active Members and their rights and limits, check out our bylaws.

After PCOs, voting members have the greatest voice at the local level.

As anĀ Active Member, you get a vote on:



Other procedural motions made at our general meetings

For consideration to become a member, please complete the New Member Application, and your membership dues payment can be made via our ActBlue account.

New Membership

Use this link if you are either a new member, or a returning member that is outside the membership renewal period.

New Member

Membership Renewal

Use this link if you were a member last year, and you are looking to renew prior to April 1st of the current year.

Renewing Member


While we do not prevent anyone from becoming a member due to financial hardship, we do ask members and PCOs to donate whatever possible, as we are reliant on your financial support to continue bringing you local progressive, democratic resources.