What is a Precinct Committee Officer?

PCO is shorthand for Precinct Committee Officer.
You’ll hear “PCO” a lot at our meetings, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these details.


Have you ever had someone knock on your door to inform you of local politics?

That person is likely either a canvasser (working for a local politician/issue) or part of a precinct committee.
The leader of a precinct committee is the Precinct Committee Officer, and they are elected or appointed officials of the Democratic party.


When you hear politicians and pundits talk about "ground game" in elections, they're referring to the organization at the precinct level.

Every legislative district (in our case the 38th) is broken down into a series of precincts, which are small, outlined parcels of voters.


If you are in a Precinct that does not have a PCO and you are interested in joining us as a PCO, then please fill out the application below and send it it to pco@snocodems.org.

PCO ApplicationCurrent PCOs and Open Precincts

What's my precinct!?

There are so many districts to be aware of, and we all live in multiple layers of districts.


Click the button below and search by your home address to determine your Precint (or any other district you live within)

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What does a PCO do?

Create a committee for their precinct
(friends & neighbors)

Talk with and listen to your neighbors
(call, doorbell, email)

Act as a liaison between your precinct and your elected officials

Vote on issues and candidate endorsements within your legislative district

Organize events for your precinct
(picnics, voter registration drives,
movie nights, neighborhood clean up)

Collect voter data to improve our outreach efforts

Doorbelling sounds kind of scary...

You’ll never be asked to doorbell on your own (you can bring a friend, relative, or politician with you).

Face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to communicate about the issues.
You don’t have to argue. Listening is great!


Instead of doorbelling, you can call your neighbors, or send them postcards.

PCOs have access to the Votebuilder database – you could choose to only doorbell Democratic voters.


We’ll supply you with the tools to make you feel safe and confident when reaching out to your neighbors.

Do I need to be a PCO in order to do all those things?


You can be on the precinct committee. We currently need people for each and every precinct right now.

I love it - I can’t wait to meet every voter in my city!


For now, we’ll start with your precinct. If you want to do more, you can help out in other precincts!

If you want to talk to a real-life, breathing person about Precinct Committees, you can send us a message and we'll get you connected with our Membership and PCO Recruiter.